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Perfectly Lit Candle Co.

Lit Fundraiser

At Perfectly Lit candle Co. we are proud to say that we are a home grown candle company known for our entertaining make and take style workshops and the delicate scents of our unique style candles. Our shop offers a full range of Workshops, candles and candle accessories. As we continue to grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing workshops and products to feed the mental Intellect of our customers and fill their spaces with warmth. The Mission of the Lit Fundraisers are to lend support to Local schools and community organizations to help continue their missions work.  


Our Goal 

This Fundraiser is to support the Archbishop Borders School Bobcats and their mission. Our Goal is to hit an ambitious target prior to the school heading to winter break.    

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This fundraiser 

This fundraiser is highlighting our signature  "Strawberry Cake By the Pound " cupcake candle. Supporters can order candles in single or dozen orders. Top sellers will be awarded prizes once sales conclude.  

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